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At Home STEAM Activities

Monarch Mystery 

Learn all about the western migratory monarch including their biology, behavior, and habitat. This PDF also features information and activities for at home scientists to help professional scientists and researchers solve the mystery surrounding western monarch population crash.

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What is Electricity?

Have you ever wondered how the electricity in your home works? Or how about what is happening when you generate a small electric shock from static? In this PDF the Rubber Duck Lab Master Makers are exploring that very topic and have put together a collections of awesome experiments for all ages.

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Non-Newtonian Fluids

What is a non-Newtonian fluid? For that matter, what is a Newtonian fluid? Found out in this PDF guide to the chemistry and physics of non-Newtonian fluids. Your PDF comes complete with scientific jargon, fun facts, a recipe for making your own non-Newtonian fluid, and a list of experiments to do with your non-Newtonian fluid.

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More Coming Soon

Our Master Makers are busy working on new curriculum, activities, and experiments for you to work on at home. Check back regularly or join our digital download mailing list to be notified when new content is ready for you. Rubber Duck Lab is excited to help people stay home and save lives by providing fund distance learning activities.

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Online Workshops

Learn new skills, meet new friends, and explore new topics in our Master Maker lead workshops! Check out the calendar to view upcoming events, suggest workshop topics, or to learn about leading project-based activities in the virtual Makerspace.

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Watch live and pre-recorded videos of our Master Makers demoing some of their favorite tech in the Makerspace. From high-tech to low-tech our Master Makers will explain how the gear works and why they like using it for project-based learning.

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Not your grandparent's tinker toys...

The Makerspace is bringing tinker toys into the 21st century. While you will still find wooden blocks and Legos among our tinker toys the majority of our manipulable "toys" require batteries and a good dose of design thinking. We've got everything from GraviTrax to robots, LittleBits to Microduino, and more. While you can't take any of these tinker toys home with you, they are always available to be enjoyed while you visit Rubber Duck Lab.

Looking for more?

Check out our video library of Tech-Talks led by our Master Makers. Each video features a how-to on one of the 21st century tinker toys, or other tech, found in the Makerspace.