Helping students compete in an ever changing 21st century world.

Our small-group, collaborative workshops and classes utilize a project based, multi-modal approach to learning. By emphasizing experience over rote learning we empower students to learn by doing, to grow form their mistakes, and to develop vital 21st century skills.

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Due to COVID-19 Rubber Duck Lab is closed temporarily. All classes have been moved online.

​STEAM Lab After School in the Makerspace

When school is out its time to blow off some STEAM in the Makerspace! Monday - Friday kids and youth can enroll for STEAM Lab - After School, Science Days (federal holidays), and Summer Camps where they get to hang out with the Master Makers and other students while having fun exploring a wide variety of science, technology, engineering, art, and math topics. Every day is different and there is always something exciting going on in the STEAM Lab.

After School - Schedule of Activities

STEAM Lab - After School is a flexible, appointment based, after school program that offers students a structured schedule as well as free time to blow off STEAM.  

3:00pm Drop-Off 

Students can be dropped off at anytime during STEAM Lab, however we request the drop-off not begin before 3:00pm.

3:00pm - 3:45pm Blow Off STEAM Free Time

Students can use the Makerspace, play with the 21st century tinker toys, get a snack, and play games on the Active Panel. 

3:45pm - 5:00pm STEAM Lab

Master Makers lead students in a variety of activities, builds, or experiments related to the daily STEAM topic.

5:00pm - 5:15pm Bio Break

Before moving on to the next event everyone has the chance to grab a snack, have some water, stretch their legs, and use the bathrooms.

5:15pm - 6:00pm Study Hall

Students can get a jump start on their homework or find something to read in our STEAM Library (depending on the activity for the day, this time may be reduced by up to 30 minutes). 

6:00pm Pick-up

Students can be picked up at any time during STEAM lab, however all students must be on their way home by 6:00pm.

Life is complicated, finding something fun yet enriching for your student to do after school shouldn't be.

We at Homeroom Education recognize how complicated life can get balancing work, kids, school, family, and life in general. That is why we provide the STEAM Lab- After School program; structure and routine for students with the flexibility and customization parents need. Whether you are looking for an after school option for occasional fun, just once a week, all semester long, or year-round activities STEAM Lab has got you covered.

Flexible, Affordable,
​Peace of Mind

The STEAM Lab - After School program is here to make the time when students are not in school easier for parents. Our flexible hours, customized schedules, and variety of discounts takes the guess work out of planning enrichment activities for your kids when they are not in school.

Check out our different options and reserve your spot today!

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Go-Go Plan

If your family schedule is constantly changing or you are just looking for occasional activities then the Go-Go Plan is right for you. Just pay as you go; but reserve your spot in advance as space is limited. 

$75 per day
(While drop-ins are welcome, we do not g
uarantee availability without an appointment) 

Discovery Plan

Looking for an after school program for just a few weeks, or a couple of months? The the Discovery Plan is a great option because you can book one week at a time.

$ 115 per 2-day week
Full semester (18-weeks) enrollment required 
(does not include school holidays) 

Lifesaver Plan

If you know there are a days or weeks out of the school year when you need a little extra help coordinating your kids schedules then the Lifesaver Plan is right for you. And oh, you get a discount for booking a 10-days all in advance!

$650 per 10-day package
(No Lifesaver Plan bookings are accepted during weeks with federal holidays, must schedule all 10 Lab days at time of purchase) 

Explorer Plan

If your student is looking for something fun to do just 3-days a week, then the Explorer Plan is right for you. Choose which two days a week to come in, and keep your schedule all semester.

$150 per 3-day week
Full semester (18-weeks) enrollment required 
(does not include school holidays) 

Anchor Plan

If you are looking for a long term after school activity to anchor your student's schedule all semester long, then the Anchor Plan is right for you. We will have your back all semester long and we will pass along some great discounts.

$225 per 5-day week 
Full semester (18-weeks) enrollment required 

(includes school holidays except Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break) 

In-Dock Plan

If you need year-round coverage for after school, holidays, summer, and just about everything else, then the In-Dock Plan is right for you. Pay one flat rate and M-F when school isn't in, we've got you covered.  And you get the best discounts!

$200 per 5-day week
​Full year (36-weeks) enrollment required
(includes "community dinner" for spring and summer camps plus 25% off all camps)